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This is the Monday juice you need to get your sh*t together. Too much pizza this weekend? Green Juice. Too many shots of tequila? Green Juice. Start with Kale, Lemon and Ginger. Add a 1/2 apple, or more for sweetness. From there you can add anything green. Stay away from more fruit (add apples as needed for sweetness if you’re new to juicing) This juice is meant to give you essential vitamins and energy. IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT. Too much fruit/sugar isn’t the move with this one. You already ate 37 pancakes and a pepperoni pizza this weekend. Get your mind right.


-1 Large bunch fresh Kale, cleaned thoroughly

-1 apple (more if needed for sweetness)

-1 lemon

-1 thumb size piece of ginger peeled

-2 stalks celery

-1/2 cucumber

Juice all ingredients individually. Serve immediately. If you have leftover juice, store in an airtight mason jar in the fridge for no more than 24 hours. It is recommended to consume this juice immediately after juicing, but it will keep in the fridge overnight. Make sure to seal it airtight.



3 thoughts on “GREEN JUICE

  1. You actually make this juice look like it tastes good. I have all these ingredients at home, so I’ll give it a try…PS wish you were cooking like this while we were still roomies. 🙂 I’m drooling.


  2. I finally made this last night, after not knowing what to make for dinner. It was tasty! It was a little thick so I added in a ton of ice and drank it cold.


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